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42goals lets you track and graph goals of all kinds

42 goals

Oh wow, another goal tracker. How exciting is that?

If you caught yourself thinking something like that upon seeing the title of this post, I'm sure you're not the only one; it's exactly what I thought when I first came across 42goals.

Then, I started playing with it and realized it's actually pretty cool. It's kind of like Joe's Goals on steroids.

Some goals are best tracked with a simple "+1" quantity. How many cups of coffee have I had today?

Other goals are boolean (or "binary"). Did I cry again at school today when all the other kids taunted me or not?

Other goals are best measured with cold, hard numbers. How many miles did I run today? How much money did I spend?

42goals lets you track each of these goal types easily. It is interesting to note that, by default, numerical targets are incremented. Meaning, let's say you spend $100 on a given day, and you note it. Then you spend $10 more and want to add it to the overall sum for that day. You just need to click that day and type "10", and it would add that $10 to the total spending amount for that day. That surprised me at first (I expected the value to be overwritten by the new value), but it actually makes a lot of sense; it lets you update the value as you go through the day.

There are some pretty neat graphing options as well. You can get a line or bar graph for each goal; the bar graph can be grouped by days, weeks, weekdays ("what day do I smoke the most?"), or months.

Do you know of a better habit-tracking application that we haven't covered yet? Let me know in the comments.

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