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IrfanView 4.27 adds Command-line Fu, batch convert to PDF, much more!


I love IrfanView this no-frills image viewer/editor is one of the first applications I install on a new computer. It seems I'm not the only DownloadSquad writer who admires this program, as we've previously featured the 4.10 release and the 4.20 release.

At its core, IrfanView is a nimble, powerful and very fast image viewer. But over time, the developer seems to have added more and more features while still keeping bloat at a minimum. The image for this post was taken and edited solely with IrfanView. Some of the new features of version 4.27:

  • New capture option: Object capture (with auto scroll, if possible). I didn't even know IrfanView could take screenshots, but there you go!
  • New command line option to apply effects to images -- very handy for scripts, and far simpler than ImageMagick.
  • New image menu: Add border/frame -- which I've used for the screenshot for this post.
  • Several plugins have also been updated, including effects and file format support

These are just three new features I like -- there are lots more, so take a peek at the changelog if you're curious. If you use IrfanView, go ahead and upgrade. If you've never used it before, now is a great time to discover one of the best free image viewers around!

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