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How bad is Facebook privacy? There's now an app to search your status updates.

You knew your Facebook status messages were open by default, but it's easy to forget just how open they are. A new site called OpenBook (connect and share whether you want to or not!) lets you search users public status messages, and it can turn up some pretty embarrassing stuff. You can even filter your search by gender, to see updates from just men or just women.

OpenBook's suggested searches include "cheated test," "playing hooky," "rectal exam" (ew) and and "lost virginity." You might say, "Well, if you think it's appropriate to share things like that on Facebook, you're stupid anyway." And you might be right, but there's a big difference between what's okay to share with your friends and what's okay to share with the entire web. OpenBook just shows that a whole lot of people might be sharing publicly without realizing it.

Know your Facebook privacy options, and thinking about locking your account down a bit, if you haven't already.

[via Techcrunch Europe]
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