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Gallery: Erez's current Foobar2000 theme, MonoLite Plus by Junior-Spirit

MonoLite Plus

A few of the gazillion people who commented on the Snagit Giveaway post seemed more interested in my Foobar2000 theme than in the giveaway.

Far be it from me to disappoint. I hereby present MonoLite Plus by Junior-Spirit!

This post is not a tutorial. If you don't know what Foobar2000 is, you might not find it very interesting (it does have pretty pictures, though). I also will not be covering theme installation; the creator covered it in the theme page.

To see what the other tabs look like, as well as the built-in "live search" pane, continue reading after the fold.

This is the tracklist tab in a different state. The playlist is grouped by album, and all albums are collapsed. Also, you can see the menu bar.

This is the biography tab. The font is kind of large, but I think I made it that way; I'm not sure the theme came like that (I tweaked it, just like every Foobar user probably does). The bio and images are automatically pulled from while the track is being played.

The lyrics tab automatically pulls the lyrics from the Web. Some of the lyrics are also manually synchronized with the song; someone actually sat down and timed each line, karaoke-style. When a song has timed lyrics, the current line is always vertically centered, and the lyrics auto-scroll. It's quite neat to watch. However, when there is no timing info, scrolling the lyrics isn't very easy; that's one of the most frustrating parts of using this theme. I wish there was a scrollbar for the untimed lyrics. Yes, I've tried to add one, but it's beyond my Foobar2000 prowess.

This is the tracklist tab again, this time with the search pane open. Search is live by default, but of course, you can toggle that and have it search only when you hit ENTER.

This is the mind-boggling array of search options. Don't blame the theme for this -- that's Foobar for you. This part is really quite difficult to master, which is why I just use the album list (which I did not include here, as it is not skinned in any way).

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