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Photoshop CS5 imaging tip: HDR goes PRO!

HDR, or 'high dynamic range imaging', is a popular term in photographic circles at the moment. Love it or hate it, HDR, thanks to the digital camera, is here to stay. To that end, Adobe has finally given us a half-decent interface for conjuring up blindingly over-shiny and under-achieving HDR photographs. Dubbed 'HDR Pro', it replaces the God-awful interface present in CS4. Whether it will make your photos 'pro' or not is left as an exercise to the reader.

Watch the video walkthrough to get a better idea of what kind of HDR effects can be achieved in Photoshop CS5. I've also been told a few times that Photoshop's HDR tools are comparatively weak -- if you know of a better photographic HDR conversion tool, let me know in the comments!
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