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Audiggle helps you figure out what song is used in THAT video


When I posted my Zen Coding review, some commenters were wondering "what's that cool song in the video?"

Audiggle is a program designed to let you answer precisely those kinds of questions. In fact, I put it to the test with that very video, and it worked. It said that it was "Move On" by Seba & Paradox, and upon looking for the track on YouTube, I found out that it was right.

Installation was a pain; you must open a free account, and the username has to be at least six characters long. However, once I got that out of the way, the program worked beautifully.

You can select one of several audio sources: computer line-in, microphone input, or "Audiggle recorder," which is the program's own loopback option (it listens to whatever is currently playing on the computer).

You watch the video in question and hit the Search button as soon as you hear the music. Audiggle then listens for a while, searches, and voila.

I also tested it with the final scene in the Matrix, and it correctly identified "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine. It's quite a neat little toy!

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