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Taking a closer look at Microsoft's new Spindex social aggregator

When we covered Microsoft's announcement of Spindex, the new social aggregator that just came out of MS's FUSE lab, a lot of readers wanted more details. Well, now that some of the private beta invites have come out, some lucky bloggers are posting the details of Spindex. (Yo, Microsoft! Where's my beta invite?)

TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid just put up a nice walkthrough of the site's features. Obviously, you start by linking up your accounts -- Twitter, Facebook, Evernote -- and your RSS feeds. Jason doesn't mention whether Spindex can take an OPML file, or whether you need to add the feeds one-by-one (if you do, that's a little annoying.)

Once you're set up, you've got a three-column layout. Filters are on the left, and the middle column is your activity stream, which you can interact with directly from Spindex. You can post tweets and replies, like stuff on Facebook, and more. What sets Spindex apart from other aggregators is the right column, though. As you interact with your stream in the middle column, the top stories in the right column change.

Basically, it's a souped-up version of Facebook's "top news" that draws on Bing search results, trending news stories, and the most-commented posts in your Facebook network. Obviously, the site still has some kinks to work out, but it also looks like it has potential as a one-stop info source for the things you find relevant. Facebook's not doing a bad of that on its own (for me, anyway) but adding the extra search layer might make Spindex a killer app for people who are plugged into the web zeitgeist.
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