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New anti-piracy software scans and blocks illegal content from displaying on your monitor

A few days ago there was a smattering of reports on NEC's new pirate-detection software. In essence, this software scans the original content and creates a digital signature for each and every frame. The signature is very small (only 76 bytes) and can then be compared against videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. NEC touts an accuracy of 96% and only five false-positives per million.

But that's completely missing the point.

NEC makes computer monitors and TVs! They make the chips that prepare and process data before it is displayed on your screen!

Are you see what I'm getting at? This new anti-piracy software could run on your monitor. Your monitor could analyze your downloaded TV show, film (or even a video game!) and simply refuse to display it.

Even if this new software doesn't find a place embedded in your computer screen, NEC's technology has already been approved for inclusion in MPEG-7. You know how DVD players can 'decode MPEG-4'? Well, the MPEG-7 decoders in tomorrow's DVD players will have this anti-piracy measure built-in at the hardware level.

Pretty scary huh?
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