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Flogr puts Flickr photo galleries on your own portfolio website


Flogr is a free PHP script which lets you easily deploy a full-featured gallery on your own site, which pulls all of its data from your Flickr profile.

As you can see on the demo site, it pulls all information on any given photo. EXIF details, comments, tags, license information -- everything. You can think of it as an alternative Flickr interface, on your own site.

The photo information is presented in a slick semi-transparent box overlayed on the original photo. Once you click the "leave a comment" link, you find yourself in the photo's Flickr page -- there is no way to leave a comment from within Flogr (I guess there's no API call for that?).

There is also an integrated lightbox; when you view a page such as "recent photos" each photo opens up in a lightbox of its own. Clicking the link at the bottom of the lightbox sends you to the photo page within Flogr (not Flickr).

If you already have a Flickr account and were thinking about having your own standalone gallery, this is certainly worth checking out.

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