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This is an "online culture" type of post. I'm just giving you a heads up here, so you don't say I'm being political. It also contains some cuss words. You've been warned. is one of the first websites that I ever thought of as "cool." I think that was back in 1999, or perhaps it was even earlier than that.

It's now over a decade later, and Unamerican still seems to be going strong. The site was actually created back in 1994, which makes it one of the first e-commerce sites online (and certainly one of the first "indie" ones). In a nutshell, it's a website where you can buy snarky political stickers. The guy behind the site calls himself !!!srini!!!, although oddly enough, I could not find a direct reference to his name in the current incarnation of the site.

You will find stickers ranging from geeky stuff such as "LINUX is the shit," all the way to the simply antagonistic "laugh at assholes." Somewhere in the middle is the really cool stuff, such as "Leggo my ego" (yes, he put two g's in Lego, I don't know why. It's still funny.)

The site features hundreds of stickers, each for about $1.00. There's also a section with free PDF posters that are meant to be printed and distributed by angry hipsters.

Bottom line: I like the site. I feel it is inspiring, and !!!srini!!! remains one of the best bumper sticker copywriters I've ever seen. Even if you don't like the strong political vibe of the site, you would probably find something there that would make you chuckle or give you pause.

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