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We Are Hunted lets you hunt for the best music online, in style

We Are Hunted

The other day I floated a question over on our Facebook page. I wanted to know where DLS readers get their music recommendations; I was looking for blogs or anything that is not the same old tired

There were lots of good answers (that I will cover as time goes on), and I got a nice surprise in the form of a comment from our cool sister blog, Switched. They pointed me toward one of the coolest music discovery sites I've seen in a while: We Are Hunted (and you can read their review of it here).

We Are Hunted goes through a number of online sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, message boards, and even P2P apps. It scrapes all of these places for mentions of artists and songs, and it even figures out what belongs to which genre.

It then takes the leading 99 and puts them in a beautiful layout. Each songs (or artist) gets its own slick square with a good-sized thumbnail. Click the thumbnail, and listen to the full-length track. Once the track ends, playback switches to the next one. It's simple and slick.

There's also a nice band search that shows you recent blog posts about the band, related artists, etc. You can check it out with Faith No More, for example. Just saying ... I'm absolutely not biased over here.

Bottom line: This is a service that I will definitely be using again and again. It's one of the coolest online music apps I've seen in a while.

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