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Clubby the Seal gets his revenge in this Time Waster

Clubbing baby seals is pretty much universally evil ... but what happens when the seals club back?!

That's what you get to find out in a game called Clubby the Seal, where you play the titular vicious arctic creature as he goes around beating the heck out of humans and monsters. It's gory, sure, but that's what makes it fun!

This adorable seal has some vicious moves, including jump attacks and ice attacks. You score points by taking out humans (in a splash of guts, naturally) and collecting stylish human-skin clothes. Gross!

The art and animation are excellent, and the controls are pretty decent. Challenging "dream-eater" bosses make the game a bit more fun, too. Clubby the Seal is definitely worth an hour of your time, if you don't mind a little blood.

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