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AOL Tech is an EtherPad clone with some actual style

Ever since Google bought out EtherPad and EtherPad released the source code, tons of clones started popping up. Most of them are sites like PiratePad, which are pure clones with absolutely no added creativity or style. It's just a complete reinstall, with nothing new. That's okay, I guess, but it's far from newsworthy.

At last, I've spotted someone who used this gem of an application in a slightly more creative way.

Rather than just providing a vanilla reinstall of the same old EtherPad, took the service and added their own style, proper branding, and a nice video (which you can watch after the fold), without changing any of the functionality. They actually seem to be trying to make some money and differentiate themselves from the pack. Oh, and they also added a desktop client (kind of) that lets you start new notes from the desktop.

Personally, I think this is what it takes to make the EtherPad code popular and accessible to more people. Yes, I know Google is merging it into Wave, but I'm talking about EtherPad as a stand-alone product here, set apart from the all-devouring Google. Making EtherPad itself popular takes marketing, and marketing takes money, and these guys are obviously trying to make some.

When they get EtherPad users, the more nerdy folks would probably say "hey, we can set this up on our own servers," which would only get the EtherPad code an even larger user-base. I have to give kudos to for their efforts.

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