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Re-examining IE's drop below 60%: IE8 actually showed the most growth in April

Last month's report from Net Applications marked a big milestone for non-IE browsers: for the first time, they managed to knock the lumbering behemoth below 60% market share. That news shouldn't have come as a big surprise, since alternative browsers have been making steady gains against IE for quite some time, and its continued slide has been well documented.

However, I received an email from a Microsoft spokesperson this morning which pointed out something I'd missed initially. Despite Internet Explorer's overall slide in market share, guess which browser actually showed the most growth during the month of April?

Internet Explorer 8.

Tarran notes that IE8's gain of 1.08% was nearly double that of Chrome at .6%. Even in the European Union IE8 managed to keep pace with Firefox in terms of growth.

That's at least somewhat of a silver lining in the cloud for Microsoft... right?

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