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Enable Remote Desktop connections, concurrent logins on Windows 7 Home Premium

Most people running Windows 7 Home Premium probably don't need to access their system remotely via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) -- and that's why Microsoft doesn't ship the feature on non-business versions of the OS.

However, some users (like a co-worker of mine) might like the option of remoting in to manage downloads or organize files like movies and music. It's especially handy to be able to do this if you're using your Windows 7 system as a media center or HTPC.

Bolting Remote Desktop Connections back on is a simple task, thanks to a user-created script. As with any programs or scripts which modify system files, make sure to create a System Restore point before you start. Download the Concurrent RDP patcher from MediaFire, extract the zip file, right-click install.bat and run it as Administrator, and follow the prompts.

In addition to adding Remote Desktop connections the script can also enable multiple concurrent sessions.

What does that mean? It means you can log more than one user in to your Windows 7 at the same time. You can have a video running on your Windows 7 system and remote in to manage files at the same time -- without interrupting video playback!

That picture at the top of this post? My 15.4" laptop is logged into my main account, and the netbook is logged in via a concurrent RDP session.

This particular script is a bit more user-friendly than the one I'd previously written about. There's no need for command line switches -- just answer yes or no when you're prompted.

[via Into Windows]
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