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Click Cutter lets you perform Web searches from anywhere, quickly


Once you get past the hilarious marketing and the 1993-style graphics, Click Cutter is a pretty powerful system-wide utility that lets you do all sorts of neat tricks with URLs and email addresses, whether they are active links or just text. It even understands obfuscated email addresses, a la me (at) here (dot) com.

Click Cutter sits quietly in the system tray, and when you select something "actionable" (a URL or even just a word), you can use its context search to quickly execute multiple searches.

It's browser-agnostic, so to speak. Since it's a lean external utility that simply calls a browser to do the heavy lifting, you can have it work with any browser you like.

It can be used to look up words in a dictionary, products in an online store, etc. It also has a search bar which seems to use Google Suggest to help you zoom in on the term you want to search for.

I'm including a video after the link. Again, I'm sorry if I'm being politically incorrect here, but I find the marketing style very funny. Still, it seems like a powerful tool, especially for people who like using the mouse.

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