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Word Finder helps you come up with the perfect words for your crossword puzzle

Word Finder

Quick! What's an eight-letter word that starts with R, ends with M, and has B somewhere in it?*

I know that these are often life-or-death questions, especially if Scrabble is involved (or poetry, for that matter). It's a good thing we're in the 21st century and there are now handy tools like Word Finder.

This handy little form, hidden away in, of all places, the Toolbox section of a photography Web site, answers exactly this sort of question. It's very easy to fill out. You get to choose whether to search in a "standard" list that consists of 99,300 standard words and abbreviations, or an "extended" list that is based on official Scrabble dictionaries. That latter one sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, but maybe Hasbro can't really sue because nobody can own the copyrights to plain words. At any rate, it's quite a gem and a very handy tool for wordsmiths of all kinds.

* Rebeldom (and robotism, and a couple of others too)!

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