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Free download enables DreamScene in all versions of Windows 7

Remember DreamScene? You might not, since it was a Vista Ultimate Extra and not a whole heck of a lot of people ponied up for the Grand Poobah edition of that particular Windows.

DreamScene enabled you to set a video file as your wallpaper -- which is cool, though I found it terribly distracting. A bit too much like trying to work atop a YTMND page for my liking, though maybe I was choosing the wrong kind of videos. DreamScene had plenty of fans, however, and they were disappointed when Microsoft axed the feature in Windows 7.

Fortunately, the ever-helpful Kishan Bagaria has provided yet another tool to help you out. Download DreamScene Activator and run the correct .exe for your version of Windows 7 (either 32 or 64-bit) and you'll be able to enjoy videos-as-wallpaper once more! Activator will also add the play/pause control to the Windows desktop right-click context menu.

Just remember to right-click and run the activator as administrator, or it probably won't work.
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