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Mark May 12th on your iCalendar: Steam (and Portal and Team Fortress AND HALF LIFE) is coming to Mac!

In true, Valve style -- only a month late! -- Steam and Valve's first-party games will be coming to Mac on May 12th. I'm not sure which games will actually be available at launch, but I'm guessing we'll see Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 at least -- if we see Left 4 Dead, I may actually sell a kidney and buy a Mac.

Valve aren't simply bringing their games to Mac, though. They're also introducing 'Steam Play', an exciting feature that will let you save your game on a PC, and continue playing on your Mac! Or vice-versa! Also -- and this bit is gobsmacking if it's true -- both Mac and Windows gamers will exist in the same multiplayer universe: Mac and Windows will have the same lobby and server browser system.

I'll finally be able to kill Mac users in an online game.

May 12th will be a glorious day indeed.

[via Afterdawn]
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