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Microsoft officially signs on as a Joomla open source code contributor

In an exalted, excited and exclamation-rife blog post, Joomla's development coordinator Sam Moffatt has just announced Microsoft's official status as a Joomla Contributor.

He makes it sound like Microsoft has never been involved with GNU GPL work before, but, while nothing could be further from the truth -- have you ever seen CodePlex? Nevertheless, Microsoft's involvement with the second largest PHP project in the world is surely a Good Thing.

From Joomla's point of view, the advantages are obvious --like better Microsoft IIS support. Joomla has long been Apache-oriented, but with Microsoft on board, full IIS support shouldn't be far off.

What Microsoft stands to gain is a little more nebulous: it already has Sharepoint Server for enterprise customers, and an open-source ASP.NET CMS called Orchard. My guess is that Microsoft is using Joomla somewhere, either internally or for an as-yet unannounced site.

[via ZDNet. Apologies for not appropriately exclaiming each and every utterance of Joomla!™®© I just can't do it. Incidentally, if anyone knows what the biggest PHP project is, let us know!]

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