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Kindle jumps onto social network bandwagon with Twitter and Facebook features

With Kindle 2.5, Amazon has tossed its popular eBook reader onto the social networking bandwagon. In case you're someone who can't read without sharing what you're reading, you'll now have a few ways to Twitterize and Facebook up your book experience directly from the Kindle: tweet about interesting passages, or post them on Facebook.

I don't know how useful these features are going to be to Kindle owners, but they're extremely useful as free advertising for Amazon. After seeing so many "hey, I'm using my Kindle!" messages on social networks, you may just give in and buy one. If Amazon really wants to make books social, they should buy Goodreads. The closest the Kindle gets in this new update is a feature that shows you which passages in a book were most frequently bookmarked by others.

As far as non-social features, Kindle 2.5 introduces a password lock, new fonts, and the ability to organize your books into collections. It also adds the much-needed ability to pan and zoom within PDFs.

[via Wired]

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