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Flash for Mac OS X now supports hardware acceleration of HD H.264 video content

Dubbed 'Gala', a new beta version of Flash for Mac OS X is now available. Adobe is quick to point out that it's aimed at developers, to make sure the player is compatible with content all over the Web, but there's no reason you can't jump in and test it yourself!

The hardware acceleration should work with all Mac computers that sport a recent NVIDIA graphics card (9400M, 320M and 330M). Also, because this new version of Flash relies on new operating system functionality, you also need the latest version of Mac OS X (10.6.3) to take advantage of the faster and smoother video.

It won't work with every system, but there's a list of systems that should support the new player. If the hardware acceleration is active you will see a white rectangle in the top left corner. The same page also has further technical details -- you can only hardware accelerate two videos at once, for example!

It's good to see Apple and Adobe are still working together.

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