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View exactly what the Facebook Graph API is exposing, for you or anyone else

You've no doubt heard of Facebook's new Graph API. It doesn't expose more information per se, rather it makes it much easier to parse, collate and thus search through user info. The new API is so easy and unrestricted that you can just make an anonymous Facebook account, visit the API documentation and... that's it! Then make a simple site like this, plug in any Facebook username -- and see what comes out!

You won't find out anything secret (and damn, the site is hard to use) but you will find out things that are otherwise very hard or time consuming to obtain. The support page for the site seems to suggest that more information was visible a couple of days ago -- a complete lists of every Event you have attended! -- but I can't seem to recreate that. Still, as you can see above, there's plenty of easily-extractable information at the fingertips of anyone that cares to search...

Anyway, type your own name into the site -- and if you don't like what you see, follow Jay's guide on how to tighten your Facebook privacy!

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