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Portable Hotkey Resolution Changer does super-fast display mode changes

If you do a lot of resolution swapping on your PC, it get to be kind of a pain clicking through to your display properties all the time. While there are plenty of apps which provide hotkeys to change display modes, Hotkey Resolution Changer is a nice alternative.

HRC is totally portable, making it a nice utility to add to your USB flash drive. Set up the modes you need on your desktop, laptop, and work machines and use HRC to swap between them all. I like the idea of having one app to handle changes instead of relying on on the NVidia, ATI, Intel, etc. control apps.

It's especially useful for me on my workbench. Customer machines often come in with resolutions which were common in the early 90s. HRC gives me a quick way to make the switch to a higher res while I do my work and I can run it from a network share. Sweet!

[via Techie Buzz]
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