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FollowUpThen updates with new "pending" feature, date formats


FollowUpThen, one of my favorite productivity tools, has been updated this morning with some new goodies! The most useful new feature (for me, at least) is that I can now see any pending follow-ups by sending a blank email to, and I can also cancel them right from the email itself (as you can see above).

They also added a couple of new scheduling formats, such as day of the week or date specific reminders (for example, or and short-term reminders ( I'm not quite sure what the short-term ones are useful for, but I will probably end up using the other ones quite a bit.

The emails are still clean of any trace of advertising. My sole concern with the service is that I cannot host it locally -- so, I still need to trust them with my emails. I know they have a nice TOS and privacy policy, and they seem like reputable people. However, breaches do happen, and security (by definition) can never be perfect. Having a local FollowUpThen could be very handy. It's too bad that nothing of the sort exists.

Or does it, dear readers?

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