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Spotify finally becomes the social music player you've always dreamt of

At LAST! Seriously, Spotify is beyond awesome -- and I lament the non-Europeans that can't use it -- but there has always been one missing feature: social sharing. Spotify has always needed a forum; some way to share your playlists, some way to see what your friends are listening to. And now you can... with the omnipotent and omnivorous Facebook Connect! Connect to your Facebook profile and a list of friends with Spotify accounts pops up. Awesome.

It's not quite a forum -- there's no messaging as such -- but the sharing of music is now so much easier. The new Profile pages are quick and simple to navigate. Your own profile page is called 'your public library' and there is a bunch of toggles that you can turn on and off, depending on how much you want to share. You can hide playlists that you are ashamed of, for example. It also tells the world your 'top artists' and 'top tracks', but it looks like Spotify needs to work on its algorithm a bit more... I only listened to one Craig David album and he's now at the top of my list! You can also spampublish playlists/songs to your Facebook wall... or Twitter account... (a circle of hell awaits you...)

There are two more new social features -- both awesome. First: you can now see how many people subscribe to a given playlist. Don't forget playlists can be altered, so you could in theory have a 'popular playlist' that changes every month -- I can see people competing for the most popular playlist. Second: you now have an 'inbox' -- the right-click menu now allows you to send tracks to other users.

Finally, two more 'offline' features: you can 'star' things, to create groupings of favourite songs or albums. And... (drum roll)... Spotify can now be used to play your own library of MP3s.

Spotify is coming to America later this year: commence drooling.

Europeans: please download the new version now.

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