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NVIDIA unifies desktop and laptop graphics drivers; improved performance incoming!

It's about time! In the next few weeks and months NVIDIA will unify its driver releases. No longer will you have to seek out graphics drivers from your laptop's manufacturer: you'll be able to simply grab the drivers from the NVIDIA website. Dubbed 'Verde', these drivers will presumably tie in with new hardware slowly emerging from the NVIDIA factories.

These laptop drivers won't be part of the same package -- 100MB downloads are big enough! -- but they will be part of the same release cycle. Along the performance increases that have been a desktop 'perk' for years, these new drivers will also enable (and standardize) features like CUDA (GPU-accelerated applications) and '3D TV Play' (output to 3D-enabled TVs).

There's a graph showing an average 30% performance increase for laptop GPUs with the new drivers -- pretty serious business! This could be just the bump mobile users need to properly play games on the move.

[via HotHardware]

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