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Google buys LabPixies, gains analytics from millions of web gadgets

The Googlemonster never stops looking for new companies to devour...This morning's feast was LabPixies, who develop addictive casual games for iPhone and Android as well as web gadgets for sites like Facebook, iGoogle, Orkut, MySpace, and Hi5.

What would the big G possibly want with a company like that? Analytics seem like a safe bet. Google makes its cash from advertising -- and it needs all the data it can gather to keep serving relevant ads to users. Anywhere there's a LabPixies gadget posted is now an opportunity for Google to gather a bit of insight.

On top of that, bringing LabPixies on board allows Google to work more closely on new projects. As Google's announcement puts it, "we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team." LabPixies was one of the first shops to begin developing iGoogle gadgets -- and iGoogle will very likely be front-and-center when ChromeOS debuts, so working closely with a developer of gadgets and games makes good sense on that score, too.

[via Google Code blog]

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