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VidCoder offers a simpler interface for making DVD rips via Handbrake

Handbrake is a great tool for ripping DVDs and it's typically the one recommended by power users. Less experienced users, however, may find the interface a bit too complicated. VidCoder offers a solution to that problem.

It's basically a simplified fronted for Handbrake offering only the necessities. Choose a source, a destination folder for your rip, a preset encoding profile, and click encode. Full control over encoding options is available by clicking the settings button, but the pre-defined normal and high profile modes should work well for most users.

In addition to Handbrake [download page], you'll also need the .Net 4.0 Client and a decrypter (like the free DVD Decrypter) of some sort if you want to back up protected discs.

My 32-bit Windows 7 system had no problem running VidCoder/Handbrake/.Net 4, but I was unable to get beyond selecting a video source on x64. If you've gotten it to work, please share what you did in the comments!

Still find the process too cumbersome? You might want to look into AutoBrake, which does automatic disc ripping via Handbrake (and worked for me on Win7 x64 without issues).

[via Lifehacker]
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