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Microsoft Office 2011 beta for Mac OS X leaks; crowd goes wild

A couple of days ago the second beta of Office 2011 for Mac OS X leaked. I didn't want to report it immediately because it's always a little bit dangerous to download pre-release software, especially from infamous torrent sites... But enough people have now tried it -- and apparently it's awesome!

The Boy Genius Report has the best hands-on information and also a ton of screenshots to feast upon. If this is the first you've heard of Office 2011 for Mac (it's very similar to Office 2010), the official Microsoft press release is a good place to start.

Everyone that's used the beta seems be praising one common thing: the UI. They're actually loving the Ribbon, believe it or not! Everything else seems to work as intended, with Outlook apparently receiving less love than the other parts of the suite, but according to Boy Genius it's still "the best and most powerful email client we've ever used on OS X".

Don't forget, like its Windows counterpart, Web apps will also play a large part of Office 2011 for Mac -- but there's no mention anywhere of whether they are included in this leaked beta! If any Mac users can confirm whether they have Office Web App access, that'd be great.

There's a safe torrent for Office 2011 for Mac OS X Beta 2 available; but of course I won't be linking it here. You know where to go... but do so at your own risk!
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