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MySoti is a well-designed online t-shirt and artwork marketplace


MySoti is an online t-shirt and artwork marketplace. The site looks nice, and the interface is easy to use.


  • Selection seems to be plentiful. Lots of stuff to buy, and some of it looks good.
  • The site looks visually polished. A nice blend between artsy looks and down-to-earth usability. Layout is sensible.
  • You can easily share t-shirts you like, with a simple "embed code" (which is actually just an HTML link) right under each image.
  • There are nice "artist pages", in which you can see all the works by one person.


  • Search is very rudimentary. While the works are tagged, I had trouble finding anything interesting. I did not see any tag suggestions, related tags, etc.
  • The prices I've seen seem a bit steep, but this isn't the site's "fault" -- sellers set their own prices and get a margin. However, the base cost seems a bit high -- $17.59 for an American Apparel shirt, on top of which the seller adds their own margin.
  • I could not easily find shipping rates. I guess you have to open an account and add something to your cart for this, which is too bad.

Bottom line:

I somehow feel the site lacks a bit of pizzaz. I know that's a really general thing to say, but it's just not that different from any other online t-shirt marketplace I've seen. It's well made, and I would give it 7 out of 10. Better search options and "themes" ("animal t-shirts", "political stuff" etc) could make it more interesting.

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