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Like-o-matic bookmarklet adds a Facebook like button to any page -- in any browser!

Yesterday I posted a new Google Chrome extension which allows users to 'like' any page on the web using Facebook's new plugin. What with Chrome extensions being little more than JavaScript and CSS already, I didn't expect it would be long until a lightweight bookmarklet came along which does the same thing.

Lo and behold, there's Like-o-matic! It's not quite as seamless as Facebook Likes, but the bookmarklet works in just about every browser and it'll sync with the rest of your bookmarks if you're using Chrome sync, Opera Link, or Mozilla Weave.

Once you've dropped the marklet on your bookmarks toolbar, just click it on any page and a like button appears in the upper-left corner. You'll also see how many other people have liked the page.

One gripe: the charcoal gray text is a bit hard to read on sites with dark headers. You can still see the like button, of course, and a quick click-and-drag to highlight will let you see the count easily enough if you're curious.

Facebook users who want to let your friends know what you think is cool on the 'Net, go grab Like-o-Matic from the developer's page!

[via Tech Raga]
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