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Steam's new Mac client hints at Linux support

As soon as news broke that the Steam client for Mac systems was on the way, Linux gamers everywhere scooted up to the edge of their seats. "Now all they have to do is release this for us!!" which, of course, brought the inevitable "It'll be a cold day...before Valve releases a Linux client" replies.

Not so fast. Over at Phoronix, they've found a sliver of evidence that Valve is indeed working on Linux support. In the source code of the Steam launcher for Mac, you can clearly see the reference -- "$UNAME == "Linux" and PLATFORM=linux32.

As Phoronix states, there's really no reason for Valve to build in a platform check for Linux unless they're making references to Linux elsewhere in the Steam code. This is the Mac launcher, after all, so why include a check for penguins?

Rumors began about two years ago that Valve was working on the port, and this certainly seems to indicate that it may finally materialize. Presumably you'll be able to re-download your previously purchased Windows games on Linux as you can with the Mac version.

Now all Linux needs for the average Joe is an iTunes port, but I'm sure Apple is working on that...

Oh, my sides!
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