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Facebook's new Open Graph is ready to eat up the rest of the web

Facebook continues to expand toward becoming something like its own parallel web, with several new features introduced today, and several more to be revealed at the upcoming f8 Conference. Starting today, your Facebook interests, hometown, and other info are turning into Pages on Facebook. You'll be asked to approve connections to all of them when you sign in. It's like "becoming a fan," except that all these pages will now be linked in your profile.

That's just one step in Facebook's plan for web domination. The universal "like" button we've written about before is coming, along with a Facebook toolbar that various websites can add, allowing you to interact with them using your Facebook account. Facebook Connect is also adding an auto-login feature, so you'll basically be signed into Facebook everywhere you go.

By turning everything into a social object, trackable by Facebook's new Social Graph API, Facebook is enabling its users to generate insane amounts of data about themselves. With all that data, Facebook could aim at becoming the new Google. When it can see and graph everything you do and like on the web, it's not a huge leap to imagine it could start providing personalized search results, too. Plus, what company wouldn't want to partner up with Facebook and get access to all that juicy data?

This whole thing is getting a little bit ... creepy.

[via GigaOM]
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