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Facebook Like extension for Google Chrome lets you thumbs-up any web page

While bloggers and website owners everywhere wrestle with whether or not to integrate the vast array of new 'Facebook on your site' goodies, FB users are starting to use that little like button. If you're running Google Chrome, you don't need to wait on an update to your favorite sites.

Just grab the Facebook Likes extension and you'll be able to submit any web page you browse. Just give the browser actions icon a click, and then click like. As long as you're signed in to Facebook, that's all it takes. If you're not, the extension will first pop up a window so you can sign in.

Likes also displays recent related activity from other Facebook users, which is a neat way to discover other items you might want to check out. Neat!

note: in case the author hasn't had a chance to fix the bug I reported in the Extension Gallery comments yet, follow the steps I posted on the page to get FB Likes installed!

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