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TuneUp brings its music library cleanup skills to Windows Media Player

One day, the big, popular media apps like iTunes and Windows Media Player will include really good library clean-up abilities out of the box. Until then, we're going to have to rely on third party programs to take care of the dirty work for us. If you've got a massive library with loads of missing cover art and crappy track data, TuneUp may be the tool for you.

The company's iTunes companion has been available for quite some time, and I've used it repeatedly to automatically fix missing artist and album info and fill in the cover blanks. I still can't figure out why -- in 2010 -- iTunes and WMP12 still can't locate major label releases like Rancid's self-titled 2000 release or Three Days Grace's One X but that's just how it is, apparently.

Fortunately, TuneUp can handle their shortcomings with ease -- and starting today, it can also handle Windows Media Player libraries. WMP users can also tap TuneUp's Tuniverse recommendations, artist bios, and concert ticket lookup abilities. TuneUp also now makes it easy to share what you're listening to on Facebook, with options to post your top five songs, albums, or artists.

It's a great app, and well worth the $29.95 price tag if you've got a massive music library in need of some organizational assistance.

Better still, you can get TuneUp for free -- just head over to our Facebook page to find out how!

Want more info about the new release? Head on over to the official TuneUp blog!
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ed note: TuneUp has advised that you should send your emails to instead -- thanks for being patient!!

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