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MIGHTY JILL OFF... surprisingly enough, a jumptastic Time-Waster for both boys and girls

Hey, did you know that 'jilling off' is the female equivalent of ... jerking off? No, I didn't either -- not until I stumbled across this game. Then, like the curious fool that I am, I typed 'jill off' into Google... and voila! How about that. Anyway, I digress: Mighty Jill Off has nothing to do with masturbation -- unless you're into horny BSDM-themed 8bit female characters, anyway.

Essentially, Jill Off is a jumping game -- a platform jumping game. There are no moving floors and no side scrolling -- just platforms that you have to jump between. There are flames and spikes to avoid, and some crafty spider things, but that's it. In theory you are trying to get to the top of a tower, to appease the queen. Yes, this is a game with some very weird undertones, but it IS work safe, so don't worry!

My only real issue was that I couldn't turn the sound off -- you'll either love the NES-inspired music, or it'll irritate you after a few minutes. Either way, MIGHTY JILL OFF is well worth 5, 10, or even 15 minutes of your time. It's hard, though -- but don't give up! Die-hard Mario Bros. platform fanatics: this could be the best bit of jumping fun for the last 20 years.

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