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AOL Tech is an easy way to sell items online is a very web2.0 service, which sets you up with a PayPal-driven webpage that you can use to sell just about anything, super-fast. By "super-fast" I mean that you can be up and running in about two minutes. The screenshot you see above is what you get once you decide to purchase an item.

When you offer an item for sale, you can set the price, the quantity, upload pictures and related files, tag it, and note your geographic location. These parameters can then be used to find your product; for example, here's a link to all of the products sold from the US. Another interesting feature is that you can easily donate a percentage of each sale to one of six charity organizations that the site has an agreement with (and you can then filter by products donating to charity).

One point that I could not quite figure out is what, exactly, their business model is. How do they intend to make money off of the site and, thus, expand it. This is not clearly explained, which is a shame. Also, very few items are currently offered for sale, and the site feels very slow overall. The interface does feel polished and well thought-out, though, so I guess it's just a matter of how many people use it (and if they manage to scale up correctly).

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