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Cross-platform portprofile is a simple way to backup your Firefox profile

Looking for a dead-simple way to back up your Firefox profile? It doesn't get much simpler than portprofile.

Regardless of what OS you're using -- Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac -- anywhere you can run Firefox you can run portprofile. It's provided as a Java web start app which means as long as you have Java installed, you can simply click and launch it right from the Google code project page. There's no need to download and install!

Choose the Firefox profile you want to back up, give it a meaningful export name (or not), and click the button. portprofile quickly dumps your bookmarks, extensions, themes, history, settings -- everything -- to a single file in your local user folder (e.g. C:\Users\Lee\ on my Windows 7 system). Importing is just as easy: browse, select, import.

portprofile's developer is also working on integrating FTP and SFTP support, so you'll eventually be able to import and export from your own remote servers.
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