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Customize your in-game music with a simple add-on for World of Warcraft

Are you bored with the default WoW music? It's great and all, but after five and a half years, you might be a little weary. Picking flowers is great, but mining mithril ore to the Rocky Fanfare theme is even better! Or perhaps you're of the other, older, lore nerdy school: you love one of the Blizzard tracks so much that you want it to play all the time, no matter where you are!

Well, you're in luck, because the creatively titled Soundtrack add-on gives you complete control over the music that WoW plays. Not only can you alter the MP3s that are played, but you can also change the triggers. Final Fantasy combat music when you pull a boss, perhaps? Some kind of airy, classical concerto when you mount up?

I know what you're thinking: Download Squad isn't for crappy Lua scripts, it's for real downloads! -- and you're right! You see, Soundtrack requires Java and Python to operate: Java to make your music directories available to WoW with some clever NTFS junction points, and Python to generate a list of the MP3s, along with their details. You only have to run the Java and Python once though, unless you download new music that you want to use in WoW.

Anyway, it's not for everyone -- and really, follow the instructions carefully if you decide to give it a go -- but if you're an avid World of Warcraft player, this add-on might be just what you're looking for! It's worth noting that you can also use Soundtrack as a simple and less-resource-intensive in-game audio player, instead of having to use Winamp, Foobar, etc.
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