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Baseball management sim Out of the Park 11 hits a home run -- on Linux!

Ok, so this one isn't on the same order of magnitude as Valve's upcoming Steam client for Mac but it's pretty big news for Linux users. Out of the Park 11 -- the latest release from the extremely popular baseball management sim -- is now available for Windows, Mac... and Linux!

OOTP is an extremely popular and successful franchise, and its new releases have consistently garnered high praise from game review sites. It's arrival on Linux is certainly a big deal, since games of OOTP's stature typically don't bother with the platform. Does this mean other popular titles will follow? I'd expect so, though it will probably be a drizzling more than a downpour of new releases.

So what's new in Out of the Park 11? Among other things, possibly the greatest time-sink ever added to the game: historical play mode. You can now replay every single baseball season from 1871 right up 'till 2009. The interface has also been given some major upgrades and in-game control now includes issuing signals to your runners.

Now if only it allowed you to send the slap-wipe-pinch-slap-tap-wink-slap-slap via your webcam. That'd be sweet.

OOTP 11 sells for $39.99 and it's ready for online purchase now -- for Windows, Mac, and Linux!
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