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Oh, snap! Firefox and Chrome can now drag-and-drop GMail attachments

Yes, you could already easily attach images to Gmail by browsing and uploading -- but that's for suckers. Drag-and-drop attachments would be much cooler...and starting today you can do just that!

Lasso a few files, click, drag, and drop 'em onto a GMail message pane. The drop zone will automatically appear when you get close to the message body and GMail will begin processing the upload when you release your mouse button. As mentioned in the title, not all browsers are supported right now. You'll need to be using Google Chrome (or another Chromium-based browser) or Firefox 3.6+ to make use of the new feature.

According to the official blog post, support for additional browsers is "coming in the future." I swear, someone is intentionally sabotaging my "spend a week with Opera" project...
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