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Control Firefox with a Nintendo Wiimote (?!)

The open source initiative needs a catchphrase. 'If you can dream it!', or something. 'Build it and they will come!' -- seriously, the audacity of FLOSS developers, combined with a (surprising...) amount of free time to develop crazy-ass inventions, never ceases to amaze. Case in point: take a look at the Firefox Nintendo Wiimote driver. Watch the video (it's after the break). Cool huh?

It looks a little clunky to me, but for a few lines of C++ and Javascript, wrapped up into a normal Firefox XPI add-on... it's pretty damn neat! Whipping through tabs could be pretty convenient... if you're in bed... and you have a projector!

Who needs a mouse...

Incidentally, only Linux users can install the add-on (source code here) -- but looking at the readme, it seems simple enough to set up. Are there any Linux + Wii users out there that want to give it a go and report back?

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