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Clever app keeps your mouse from jumping between monitors too quickly on dual-display setups

Running dual (or triple, or quad) displays has gotten a lot more common of late, thanks in part to constantly falling monitor prices. Some things about multiple displays can be a little frustrating -- minding the divide, for example.

If you have Windows set to extend your desktop, your mouse moves instantly from one screen to the next. That can be bothersome when a program's controls (like a scrollbar) are near the edge of your display. Move a fraction of an inch too far, and you're mouse jumps to your secondary desktop.

Dual Display Mouse Manager offers a solution. Once installed, it creates a no-jump zone which prevents your mouse from leaving one display prematurely. It's like a weak force field -- you can still break out and get your mouse onto your other display, you just have to keep moving. The momentary pause provided by DDMM makes landing your pointer on those controls much easier.

DDMM is packaged as a .zip file and it's mostly portable -- .Net is required to use it, but you've got that already if you're using Vista or Windows 7.
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