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I Don't Even Game is a LOLspeak puzzle Time Waster

I Don't Even Game doesn't really have a lot of controls. You can only move your stick-figure avatar in one direction -- right. You can speed up or slow down to listen to what the other characters you encounter have to say, but when you come to a puzzle, you'll have to pass it with wits instead of keyboard dexterity.

The dialogue in I Don't Even Game is all in LOLspeak, reminiscent of something you might read on I Can Has Cheezburger, but if you pay careful attention, you'll know which keys to press to get past each obstacle. Along the way, you'll meet ninjas, pirates, robots, ghosts and more. There's a bit of metagaming going on, too, because you can unlock plenty of achievements that have nothing to do with beating the game.

If you like I Don't Even Game, you can also try the previous game in the series, which is called I Don't Even Know.
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