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Time to stop laughing: Opera hits 50M users on desktop, over 100M total

Ardent supporters of other browsers love to poke fun at Opera when the opportunities arise. After today's press release from the company, I'm guessing their take on things is "go ahead and laugh, we're still kicking ass."

Opera has announced that their user base has surpassed 100 million users. That figure includes both Opera's desktop and mobile users, with each group accounting for about 50% of the total. Oh, and that doesn't include all the users Opera has on gaming consoles.

From March 2009 to March 2010, Opera's year-on-year growth was more than 30%. And while their share of the desktop browser market is probably still a bit shy of 2.5%, it's pretty obvious that they're moving in the right direction. The EU Browser Ballot screen has certainly helped, but their growth has just as much to do with delivering a better piece of software -- Opera 10.5 turned a lot of heads when it debuted the Carakan JavaScript engine and threw down the gauntlet at Google Chrome.

So, congratulations to the crew at Opera -- and here's hoping whatever they have planned next is just as big a leap as 10.5!

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