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New Google Chrome extension does dead-simple screenshots with annotations

Every now and then I need to quickly screenshot something from a browser window and pass it along to someone else -- say, a member of the DS team to point out an error or something post-worthy I've found online. While it's easy enough to use my desktop screenshot app and attach it to a new email message, the Explain and Send Screenshots extension for Google Chrome is an easy way to do it right inside my default browser.

Click the capture button, and the extension opens a new tab with a complete snapshot of the page you were viewing. Drag a selection box to crop what you need, annotate with arrows, circles, lines, and text in red or green, and hit done! Your picture is zapped over to and you're provided with a link to the image and buttons to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

What would make this extension even better would be some more sharing options (like click to compose in GMail) and support for other image hosting services. As is, this is still a very handy extension to keep at the ready if you work with a team -- or just want to highlight and share something you stumbled across online.

ed note: Since is currently the only option for hosting, you may want to acquaint yourself with their policies before uploading any images.

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