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BitTorrent users beware: malware tries (and succeeds!) to extort money

Those crazy phishers! Barely a day goes by without some crazy new method of liberating people of their hard-earned cash. Today though, we have a new attack vector: rather than focusing on the old and stupid, this attack targets pirates! This new malware attack, detailed by TorrentFreak, relies on a combination of fear and uncertainty to extort money from file sharers.

The malware installs itself in the usual manner -- an email attachment, an unpatched web browser -- and then pops up a 'Copyright violation alert' (see above). It seems to scan your hard drive for traces of illegal software -- .torrent files, seemingly -- so as to add some credibility to the claim that you've broken the law.

But that's not all!
This is the best bit: you are then asked if you want to go to trial to defend your illegal act... or opt for the $400 pre-trial settlement (screenshot after the break):

Frickin' genius!

Suffice it to say, the 'company' behind the malware scam, 'ICCP online' is nothing but a sham! Take a look at their sitethough, and take a closer look at the screenshot at the top of this post -- it really is quite a good scam!

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