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Ultimate Flag extension for Google Chrome shows a site's safety, traffic, and location info

WebOfTrust is an awesome extension for Google Chrome in its own right -- it provides trust and safety ratings for websites and helps keep you out of trouble. They also allow other developers to tap into their data, which leads to cool little spin-offs like the Ultimate Chrome Flag extension.

After you install the extension, you'll see a flag icon in your Chrome Omnibar which tells you where a site is hosted. A WOT rating is also displayed (yahoo! Engadget comes up green...). Clicking the icon brings up even more details, including geolocation info (if available), Google PageRank, Alexa rank, and a full breakdown from WebOfTrust.

UCF also provides a button to copy the site's domain name and IP address to the clipboard for easy re-use anywhere you want to paste it.

It's a handy little extension, both to satisfy your curiosity about sites and make sure that curiosity doesn't get you into trouble...

In case you wondered -- I did enlarge the pop-up display to show detail. It won't be nearly that huge in your Chrome window.

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