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Firefox 3.7 nightly adds built in option for tabs-on-top

Mozilla's been playing around with interface changes in Firefox 3.7 for a while -- there's the updated default theme and built-in glass support (which made a very brief appearance and has yet to return). In yesterday's nightly build, another UI option appeared: a simple right-click allows you to move your tabs to the top of the browser window.

If you've been looking for Opera or Chrome-like, this is a welcome change. More built-in customization options mean less hacking or fewer add-ons to install, after all.

If, however, you prefer your Firefox tabs right where they are, then please move along -- there's nothing to see here!

Want to take the nightly for a test drive? Download it from Mozilla!

I just wish the installer hadn't forced me to reboot. This is 2010, isn't it? I thought all the major browsers were able to install new versions without making me jump through hoops like that...

[via Tweaking with Vishal]

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